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The Memory Care Bundle

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This custom bundle focuses on relevant, appropriate engagement targeting happiness, agitation reduction, overall wellbeing of mind, body & spirit.
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Fitness is one of the most difficult types of programming to deliver safely and effectively in memory care setting. Using our experts to guide you through exercises makes it simple and fun to engage your residents at an appropriate level.

32 specially curated outcome exercise and meditation classes are included in this memory care bundled offering. Safely choose appropriate classes from pre-built playlists that range from strength and balance moves to drumming and yoga.

Focus Areas: Classes specific for Memory Care

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Care team member, family, and volunteers can easily follow along to our very purposeful, outcome based classes and by 'flipping the room' elders enjoy being guided and following along to their familiar caregivers' movements.

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MusicFirst and FaithFirst for Memory Care are custom curated music and spiritual support tools designed for individuals with a wide range of dementia and age-related diseases. MusicFirst for Memory Care has been clinically proven to reduce agitation and depression up to an astounding 54%. FaithFirst for Memory Care provides meaningful spiritual content across seven communities of faith. This multi-faith offering provides prayers, meditations, sacred texts, music, worship opportunities, education, and more. FaithFirst is cured by a team of spiritual experts and advisors.

Focus Areas: Clinically Proven Therapeutic Music & Spiritual Support for Healthcare

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Coro Health was established in 2009 and today reaches 1M+ individuals in 5,000+ healthcare communities every month.

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MemoryBio uses photos, questions, and discussion to provide reminiscence therapy and opportunities for self expression. These visual prompts about; hometowns, hobbies, pets, gardening, cooking, and much more, easily facilitates discussions to learn about and bring people together. These discussions build friendships and helps staff understand the person's life story while at the same time the reminiscence is proven to lower depression and improve mood.

Focus Areas: Social, Emotional and Intellectual

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Starting conversations is difficult in a memory care setting. MemoryBio provides stimulating photos and engaging questions on 35 different topics to enhance social connection and to help start amazing conversations for both one-on-one visits or small group activities. It is perfect for staff, family, or volunteers to use.

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With higher functioning residents, you can use it as a question-and-answer trivia. For those residents with less cognition, the engagement experience may be more subtle, but for most, obvious to the caregiver. Photavia becomes a point of focus, attention and remembrance, important to the resident. Most importantly, PHOTAVIA can have a positive impact not only on individuals suffering dementia and memory issues, but caregivers and families as well.

Focus Areas: Emotional, Vocational, Intellectual and Social
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Photavia's V-Clips and PhoTrivia are tools of engagement, cognitive and social, applicable to any resident at any stage of their cognitive journey. Photavia can make a Life Enrichment Coordinators life easier while improving the quality of life for residents.

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