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Engagement Bundle
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Designed and led by nationally recognized experts, Spiro100 creates live and on-demand digital exercise and meditation classes for older adults that drive participation by focusing on what matters and catering to all levels of care.

Produced by an Emmy nominated producer, our library of over 170 classes grows each month.

Focus Areas: Fitness, Meditation & Fall Prevention

Older women exercising

Maintaining or improving independance is top priority. Residents can rest assured knowing Spiro100 offers fitness and wellness programs designed expecially for them with emphasis on core strength, balance and conditioning to minimize falls and increase overall wellbeing and quality of life.

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Coro Health provides a full suite of therapeutic, fully licensed, commercial free, music and faith content specifically designed for senior living communities.

Their flagship product, MusicFirst, was designed for individual and group settings and has been clinically proven to reduce agitation and depression by as much as 54%.

FaithFirst is a tool for caregivers that provides both audio and video spiritual content from seven different communities of faith including Christianity, Judaism, General Spirituality, Islam, Native American, Catholicism and Buddhism.

Focus Areas: Clinically Proven Therapeutic Music & Spiritual Support for Healthcare

Older man listening to music

Coro Health was established in 2009 and today reaches 1M+ individuals in 5,000+ healthcare communities every month.

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One Day University connects lifelong learners from all over the world with the most remarkable professors from hundreds of colleges and universities. We create special versions of their best lectures to educate, entertain and inspire.

Plus, we have a library of over 600 talks and growing. So, whether you’re interested in Lincoln’s leadership style, the art and science of aging or how to watch movies like a film professor — we have a talk to help you learn more.

Focus Areas: Online, In-Person, On-Demand

one day university lecturer speaking in front of audience
one day university lecturer speaking in front of audience

We live stream a new talk on history, art, science, politics, health & wellness and much more.

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